Tuesday, November 21, 2006

From "Snow Crash"

Then there are collections from delinquent borrowers and from franchisees who depend on Nova Sicilia for their plant security. If it’s a first notice, Jason likes to drop by in person, just to show the flag, to emphasize that his organization takes a personal, one-to-one, hands-on, micromanaged approach to debt related issues. If it’s a second or third notice, he usually writes a contract with Deadbeaters International, a high impact collection agency with whose work he has always been very happy. Then there is the occasional Code H. Jason hates to deal with Code Hs, views them as symptoms of a breakdown in the system of mutual trust that makes society work.

Page 143

Y. T. Opens the glove compartment…and finds a thick bundle of worn-out, dirty, trillion-dollar bills. Ed Meeses.

“Jeez, couldn’t you get any Gippers?”

Page 241

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