Saturday, December 09, 2006

"Creative Non-Fiction" Lee Gutkind

As indicated in an earlier chapter, the truth is often larger than any single fact, not a cut-and-dried positive or negative value. It is quite elusive and, like beauty, in the eye of the beholder.

Page 123

A sample Gutkind includes:

I am not one of those gardeners. For one thing, I don’t grow vegetables, only flowers. Secondly, I enjoy the change of seasons too much to want to tussle with them and try to make them behave my way. Generally, I have always found that it is more fun to ride the winds of change than to do battle with them. And anyway, I believe that the most delightful winter garden is the one you have in your head.

Page 178

“A Garden in Winter” Jeanne Marie Laskas
Allegedly published in the Washington Post Magazine December 13, 1900
Repreintd by permission of the author in "Creative Non-Fiction" by Lee Gutkind in 1997.
Other references in the material make me doubt the 1900 publications date.

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