Friday, July 06, 2007

The Road Trip

Any road trip is going to feel longer than you think it will. And you'll be tired and you won't get a meal exactly when you're hungry. You never find a bed exactly when you want to go to sleep.

And you're probably not going to find out what it is you got on the road to find out in the first place.

And you know all that. You know all that going into it. And you still -- we all still -- buy into the cliche about road trips.

That what a road trip stands for is hope.


That somewhere -- anywhere -- is better than here.

That somewhere on the road I will turn into the person I want to be. I'll turn into the person I believe I could be. That I am.

And we hit the road. You and me and our whole great nation. With high hopes and no expectations for the future.

Ira Glass

This American Life


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